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Monster-Bunch 7+

- Tempo / explanation game
- for 2 to 8 players
- from 7 years
- approx. 25 minutes

- 2 x 54 cards with monsters in three colours
- 2 special wooden cubes
- an hourglass (60 sec)
- Game instructions

The game works best in teams. All cards with red backs are shuffled and placed in a face-down pile, the cards with blue backs are placed face up on the table, hourglass and both dice are placed ready. The two dice show monster characteristics that may not be said in the current round. Then one player from one team describes as best he can the top card's monster with red backs, of course, without using forbidden traits. 
The other team vetoes the monster as soon as this happens - and a new monster must be flipped over and described. Once the hourglass is passed, the dice are re-rolled and the other team tries its luck. The team that has found the most monster twins at the end wins the addictive communication game!
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